Sony's Rumored $99 PS2 Makes Up for No PS3 Backwards Compatibility, Right? Right?!

pstwo.jpgDespite the PS3 being the greatest home entertainment/gaming machine in history, people are reluctant to move on from their trusty, much-loved PS2s. You can't blame 'em, as good games are still coming out for it and it has perhaps the best back catalogue of any console ever. That's why it kind of makes sense that Sony may be planning to drop a new, power-brickless $99 PS2 model on us next year. This could, of course, be related to Sony's boneheaded decision to drop all backwards compatibility from the new 40GB PS3 model. You wouldn't do that just to try to move some cheap PS2s, would you Sony? I'd like to think that a move that low is below even you, but I wouldn't put it past you. [MCV via Kotaku]

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