Sony to Release Pro Projectors for Big Rooms, Spaceships and Battlestations

P01281107GI.jpgSony is adding to their excellent projector lineup with two new models, the VPL-FW300L and the VPL-FH300L, both of which will happily display full HD content. The VPL-FW300L will churn out 7000 lumens (WXGA+ resolution; 1366 x 800) in comparison to the VPL-FH300L, which will produce a maximum of 6000 lumens (WXGA+ resolution; 2048 x 1080). The projectors are intended for professional use, with Sony aiming the devices at the auditorium, classroom and the meeting room, but do not let that stop you going nuts and setting one of these up in your monster bachelor pad. The projectors will apparently complement Sony's beast-like 4K projection systems, but do they really need the complement? Both units will have the same physical construction, and will include a choice of five specialised lenses, for optimal picture rendition. The VPL-FW300L and VPL-FH300L will retail at $US27,000 and $US40,000, respectively. If you have always wanted a projector that looks like an old-school Battlestar Galactica cannon, get saving. [Sony]

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