Sony Confirms 40GB PS3s Don't Use 65nm Chips

atom.jpgWell, we didn't have to wait for anyone to crack open their PS3 to check, because Sony has squashed all rumours that the new $399 40GB PlayStation 3 SKU is featuring 65nm chips (shrunk from their 90nm standard). While we'll save you the copy and pasted rough auto translation, Sony essentially said that 65nm is not here yet but that they were working on it for the future.

Most of the speculation stemmed from the new model needing 65W less to operate—a power savings of around 30%. So while we're still interested to see where Sony found all this energy savings, it wasn't from a smaller chipset. And ultimately, all this matters a lot more for Sony's profits than it does our enjoyment. Ratchet & Clank, anyone? [ via engadget][image]

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