Solar-Powered PMP with Speakers Has Shades of OLPC

solar-mp4.jpgYahee, purveyors of gadgets that look remarkably like already-established ones (if you don't believe me, check their fat Nano, for starters) has come up with a solar-powered media player whose charging panels are on the inside. OLPC green in color, the PMP plays tunes, videos, and lets you view photos and play games on it. There's other stuff too: The PMP supports TXT format files on its reading function, AVI and MP4 for video, and MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WAV, ADPCM, AMR music files. There's a slot for an SD card to give you a maximum storage capacity of 2GB, and a firmware update function, meaning you can download the latest software from Yahee's website. And, should you live in Graysville, USA, you can charge the player via the mains with a DC adaptor.

Voice synthesis, and a digital recorder and microphone allows you to record stuff. There are six sound modes: nature; rock; pop; classic; soft; and jazz, as well as different play modes. As well as verdant green, it comes in red, silver and black.

[Yahee via UberGizmo]

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