Smartstrap Tow Rope Brilliant or Prissy?

smartstrap1.jpgThis is a tow rope wound around a centre pin, for easy windup. It's rated for 1500 kg. Not sure I like this thing that much. Some simple designs—a tow rope—shouldn't be messed with. Just learn to wrap your ropes like a sailor. You don't want to be dealing with knotted equipment when emergencies come up.

Spotted this on Toolmonger via BBG, and I'm not sure it's such a good idea. Last winter, I got a ride in an SUV using a tow rope in conjunction with a winch to get up some steep and slippery inclines. We wrapped the tow rope around an oak at the top of a hill and towed ourselves up, staying clear of the sides of the Forerunner in case the car decided to jump into a ditch, squishing anyone. A centre-mounted windup case is great for organisation, but a tow rope strong enough for towing stuck cars plus people is going to be bigger than this, and too beefy to fit in a case. Second, if you're doubling up the rope for strength, the center-mounted plastic case is going to get crunched on a tree, or whatever else you're pulling from. Maybe this is something an SUV poseur can stow to keep his trunk tidy for shopping bags. Maybe I'm wrong. [Toolmonger via BBG]

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