SmartStar Automagically Shows You the Universe on the Cheap

optron_smartgoto.jpgMount a telescope on the SmartStar Cube, and you'll have yourself the lowest-cost way to automatically gaze into the infinite and beyond. This $US199 SmartStar Go To AltAzimuth Telescope Mount, otherwise known as the Cube, gives you computerised pointing and tracking, where you select a star, planet or galaxy in a huge database, and it automatically moves your scope into place so you can see it, up-close and personal. You can trick out this scope mount much further than that, too. Optional choices include a GPS module to automatically initialise the mount, or specialised hand controllers that can add to its already-burgeoning 50,000 object database. Sure, there have been GPS-enabled "go to" telescope mounts before, but none at such a bargain price. This one's good enough to be named a "Hot Product for 2008" by Sky and Telescope magazine. [Press Release]

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