Shot-Glass Printing Bot, Darko-Like Rabbit, Molten Beer Bong Turn Up at Roboexotica "Cocktail Robotics" Convention

Reprap_Shot_Bot.jpgApparently the science of cocktail robotics was woefully neglected until some enterprising alkies created Roboexotica, a convention to celebrate cyber-assisted drunkenness. The action is taking place this weekend in Vienna, and from the looks of the opening night pictures, things are still as academic as they were when I was in college. (Just looking at this molten steel beer bong gives me a tear of nostalgia.) The homemade replicator—or "reprap"—you see above stamps shot glasses using a thermistor, stepper-controlling arduinos and, of course, an extruder. Man those nerds know how to party! [Roboexotica, Brex's Flickr Page and Sean Bonner's Metroblogging Vienna via Make]

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