Shareholder Takeover Planned to Stop Microsoft's 'Homosexual Agenda'

According to evangelical pastor and former NFL linebacker Ken Hutcherson, Microsoft is totally gay. He is rallying his megachurch, which has 3,500 worshipers, to buy stocks in Microsoft to vote down their gay-friendly policies. He hopes to get homophobic dicks from all religions — Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Miscellaneous — to join him on his crusade. That's a video of him making all sorts of scary threats at the last Microsoft shareholder's meeting.Hutcherson.jpgNot to get too political here, but fuck this guy. Are there no bigger problems in the world to rally against than Microsoft giving health care to dudes who love each other? Last time I checked, lots of people were dying in the middle east and there was an environmental crisis. I'd like to think that there aren't enough assholes with money around willing to get behind Hutcherson (pictured left in his tights-wearing, man-wrestling days), but nothing surprises me at this point. Although with a company as gigantic as Microsoft, I get the feeling that it would take a whole lot of money to buy enough shares to enable them to make any real difference. Here's hoping they just spend all the money they would otherwise be spending on chastity belts and anti-abortion placards and it all goes to waste. [Telegraph via The Raw Feed]

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