SatLav Mobile Phone Service Prevents Public Urination in London

do_not_urinate.jpgToday London's Westminster City council launched a toilet-finding service to help relieve visitor's bloated bladders and prevent public urination. Apparently, the problem is quite serious in London's West End, where something in the neighbourhood of 10,000 gallons of urine ends up in the streets each year.

When a user texts "toilet" (at a cost of 57 cents) the service will pinpoint their location by measuring the strength of the phone signal. It will then guide the user to one of 40 public toilets entered into the system thus far. Apparently companies like Vindigo Inc are already offering similar services in the US —and to be honest, a service like this could be useful when travelling on long car rides or drunkenly wandering the streets in a strange town. Whether its useful enough to end up on something like Google Maps is another story. If you have an iPhone, searching for Starbucks in your area might achieve the same effect. [CNN]

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