Samsung Ships YP-P2 Media Player, Bluetooth Phone Compatibility To Come

Samsung_P2_2.jpgToday in NYC, Samsung finally launched its long-awaited YP-P2 PMP, aka "the P2," the Korean powerhouse's rival to the iPod touch. The P2 features a 3" touchscreen display with an "EmoTure" interfaces that allows you to slide and tap your way through menus. But while it will ship fully functional with A2DP streaming Bluetooth stereo, its still-cooler Bluetooth cellphone speakerphone compatibility will come in a December firmware update.

Samsung announced that the PMP will actually receive three updates over the next four months. The first update is set for December and will include the Bluetooth 2.0 cell compatibility, as well as AAC playback. The second set of updates will be available in January and will feature games—titles TBA—and additional functions. The final update hits in March and will feature improvements that Samsung will decide based on market research. [Samsung]

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