Samsung Rolls Out Next-Gen WiMax Toys While We Wait and Wait

samsung_wimax_front.jpgSo is Korea actually a country from the future, or what? We're asking because Samsung is now rolling out its second generation of phones, mobile devices and USB modems that support WiMax. Heck, the whole country has a WiMax network at their disposal, while here in the States we keep hearing about how Sprint wants to build out a WiMax network but just can't seem to get it started. Anyway, check out the gallery of gorgeous geegaws Samsung announced today.

There are four devices in all, including the SPH-P9200 UMPC with foldable QWERTY keyboard, the SPH-M8200 slider touchscreen PDA that's 16.6mm thick that not only has mobile WiMax but CDMA EV-DO, and a couple of USB modems, the SPH-H1300 and SWT-H200K that are WiMax-friendly. Oh, and then there are the Samsung babes, too. It's a whole lot of stuff you can't have. You're welcome. [Unwired View and AVing]


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