Samsung Develops Film-Free Flat-Panel LCD X-Ray Machine

x-ray%20detector1.jpgAnalog X-ray machines could be a thing of the past, thanks to Samsung's new film-free version. Measuring 45 x 46 cm, the Flat-Panel X-Ray Detector, or FPXD, boasts a 3072 x 3072 resolution, or 9.4 Megapixels. The Korean firm claims it will replace existing X-ray machines faster than digital cameras replaced film ones. Here's how it works: First of all, photodiodes are attached to a TFT substrate produced using its proprietary amorphous silicon technology. The X-rays are detected photon by photon, before being converted into visible light, which is converted in turn to electrical signals that can be displayed as diagnostic images on a flat panel screen.

The machine also has an image enhancement function to eliminate almost all of the digital image noise interference, in order to provide the highest radiography sensitivity in the industry. The FPXD will not just be confined to medical use, as Samsung has plans to adopt the technology so that it will work with CAT scans, airport security and building inspections. [Samsung Press Release]

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