Saitek Cyborg 3200dpi Gaming Mouse Is Ugly, Super Customizable

saitekcyborg.jpgSaitek continues on the path of insane 3200dpi laser gaming mice, though its latest, the Cyborg, seems to take a cue from Logitech's G9 design-wise with a boatload of customisation options—unless you're a leftie (ha!). Besides being similarly ugly, you can adjust the grip by sliding the front section forward or backward, rather than pop the outer shell off entirely. Its four-way scroll wheel also has adjustable speed settings, which Saitek says is unique for a gaming mouse. Finally, two of its buttons are apparently "freely programmable" in addition to built-in media controls. Oh, and like any high-end gaming mouse of late—a useless trend if ever there was—it has swappable weights. No official street date or price, though Amazon UK pegs it as Jan. 11 for £40 ($83). [Electronista]

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