Rumour: Apple Planning a 3G iPhone for May Release

iphone_sideshot223.jpgThe Register is reporting that according to a manager at Spain's Telefonica cell carrier, Apple has plans to drop a sexy 3G iPhone on the world in May. Translated from the Spanish, the exact quote from the manager is: "OMG OMG iPhone OMG 3G OMG Apple May Rumors OMG!!!" OK, not really. Here's the real quote:

When iPhone will be launched in Spain? Telefonica expects it on May.

Will Telefonica release a 3G iPhone version on May?

Yes! They expect it.

Take this with a grain of salt the size of your fist, but the timing does seem to make sense, coming about a year after the first generation. What else do you think iPhone 2 will have, other than the obvious boost in HD size? [Sevenclick via Register]

AU: Very important rumour for Australia to hear. We need 3G for it to land here, as Telstra is the only Edge network and Apple and Telstra will never see eye to eye. Earlier thoughts were late next year, so May is a much more optimistic outlook.

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