Rocker Kart Lets You Rock All the Way to the Shops

P03251107GI.jpgThe Rocker Kart is a bicycle alternative, retailing at £149.99 ($A350), the three-wheeled kart lacks any form of visible steering, but that is where the Rocker gets interesting. Apparently, by leaning left or right a patented control mechanism comes into play, altering your course to follow the direction of your weight shift. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to us, but as we all know such disaster can be equivalent to great fun, and so we want to try this baby out. The build of the device seems to be impressively well done, from the galvanised metal frame to the shapely front wheel, intended for better cornering and, of course, the bad arse flame design adorning the seat and frame. I see a Gizmodo Rocker Kart tournament on the horizon...I see Malik winning a Gizmodo Rocker Kart tournament trophy. I see dead people. [Product Page via Random Good Stuff]

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