Rock Band Review Roundup (Verdict: Great Hardware, Multiplayer)

rockbandsccreen.jpgArs, OXM, IGN review Rock Band, and find the hardware to be solid enough, the songs righteous, and Guitar Hero soundly trumped in multiplayer. IGN gives it a 9.4/10. OXM gave em a 9.5/10. Glad they both passed over the played out 11/10 verdict.

Fav of reviewers is The World Tour, which penalizes your band's career when one of your musically-challenged friends drops his drumsticks. Single player is not as great as it is in Guitar Hero, because, hey, very few of us are capable of running a one man band like Axl here. Surprisingly, there are no mentions of online problems, PS3 or XBox Live. Looks like you're safe to buy, if you can find a copy this late in the game. My two cents: Those drums are going to tart up your livingroom something awful. [Ars IGN, OXM]

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