Robo-Moth Hooks Up Insect's Brain to a Robot

robo_moth.jpgReminding us of a tiny paper airplane with flies superglued to its wings, here's another melding of insect and machine, the Robo-Moth. This six-inch robot uses a moth's brain and eyes to get around, and wherever the moth's eyes look, that's where the robot goes. Sure, moths are plenty stupid, with brains scarcely larger than a couple of commas like this, but they can still detect motion better than anything scientists can build.

Researchers hope to use the technology to help paralysis victims to regain the ability to move. Team this buggy robot up with that thought-controlled wheelchair, and now we're getting somewhere. But we're thinking some precautions might need to be taken if they're using moths—don't turn on any bright lights, or the robot will go nuts. [LA Times]

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