RIM Device Users Are Having a Gay Old Time

BlackBerryHappyGI.jpgA survey of business smartphone users has declared those using BlackBerries to be the most satisfied. Palm and Samsung offerings both drew in second place. The main six areas that were surveyed included OS, physical design, ease of operation, audio quality, battery life and utility feature set. RIM excelled in areas concerning battery life and OS efficiency. The Palm Treo's keyboard managed to bag some plus points, as did general voice quality of devices running the Windows Mobile OS. The survey went on to predict the future of the smartphone market: Apparently, customers who are extremely happy with their devices are 50% more likely to stick with the same brand on a follow-up purchase. Well, if that is true, RIM look like they shall comfortably own the smartphone market for sometime to come...hang on, did the surveyors forget to poll iPhone users? Yeah, they did. That offers some slightly skewed results, no? [J.D. Power and Associates via PC World]

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