Real-Life 40-Year-Old Virgin Selling $35k Worth of Star Wars Action Figures on eBay

swauction1.JPGIf you thought The 40 Year Old Virgin was just a hilarious movie with no basis in reality, get a load of this: it's an eBay auction for $US34,500 worth of Star Wars action figures. Why get rid of what's clearly the product of a lifetime worth of being a creepy shut in? Well, "THIS IS A BIG STEP I'M TAKING IN ORDER TO MOVE ON AND ACOMPLISH A NEW PLAN I HAVE FOR MY FUTURE." In other words, he's dating a woman who runs a "Sell It On eBay" store and he's selling it all so she'll finally sleep with him. Check shots of the goods below then hit the jump for more details on the auction.


Yes, he's (it's gotta be a he, come on) getting rid of his "life time collection of collectibles" in one fell swoop, including 1,160 Star Wars figures. He's also got a bunch of Spawn figures, Austin Powers figures for some reason, and a bunch of other miscellaneous nerd detritions. It's supposed to be for pick-up at his place in San Diego, but if you want to have it shipped it'll just cost you $US475 per pallet. Oh, and this thing will take up three pallets. Really, beyond the cost of this thing, could you really handle the stigma that owning nearly $US35,000 worth of action figures would bring to you? That alone should give anyone pause when considering this auction. [eBay via BornRich]

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