Reachgood PMP So Thin It Should Be Called RAZR

reachgood_player_front.jpgThis personal music player (PMP) from Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Reachgood Digital is so thin, if you hold it sideways it's almost invisible. Its 5.5mm-thin stainless steel case makes it resemble a razor blade. But it's not thin on features, playing MP3 and WMA files, and also handling mp4 audio and video on its 1.8-inch screen. Check out a bigger shot of the thing to get an idea of its scale:reachgood_big_MP4.jpg

It's not the thinnest PMP we've ever seen—that honour goes to Brando's player that only plays MP3s—with the Samsung YP-K3 coming close at 6.8mm. No word on when or if this might hit the U.S. market, but too bad the name RAZR is already taken. [PMP Today]

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