Question of the Day: What's Your Price Point for HD Movies?

The $99 Wal-Mart deal and Best Buy's subsequent price matching got us to thinking. Just how low do the HD DVD and Blu-ray players have to go before you'll get into HD? At this point, we're guessing it needs to be low enough that you can write it off as a loss if that format happens to be the one that loses the format war. $200? $100? $50?

AU: We've talked about this here recently, but worth more thought. Would you consider things in that "write off" context? For me, the discs are more of an issue than the player. We might get hybrids this gen, but will someone really want to maintain support for HD DVD + Blu-ray the next time we get a disc density upgrade? I don't want to build a new HD library while I'm worried about which way the wind is blowing. I've bought a few choice discs, but not like I did with DVD.

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