PS3's Birthday Party Gets Cake, But No Games

The PS3 turned one year old today. We wiped off our dusty PS3 and threw it a birthday party with this cake that Sony Computer Entertainment of America had delivered to our house, in a stunt in the style of the Wii Ice Cream Truck. The cake was delicious, thank you, Sony. The party was going ok. Wii and Xbox 360 Elite showed up, but Halo Xbox 360 Legendary Edition was out with his groupies, the Halo 3 Fanboys. The sad thing was, no stellar PS3 games showed up to the party. Maybe next year, PS3. We still respect your record-breaking Protein folding capabilities and supercomputer performance.

The birthday party is going to be at Chuck E. Cheese near the Bergen Mall in North NJ. You're invited. (Don't tell Wii.)

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