PS3 Outsells Wii for First Time Ever

ps3.jpgIt appears that the new $399 40GB PS3 was an excellent strategy for Sony (happy birthday, btw), because for the first time in all time, the console has outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. Sure, only time will tell if the PS3 has real momentum behind it. But when hanging out in Akihabara a few months ago, I could tell by the entranced fanboys starring longingly at PS3 kiosks that the console may have been down, but it certainly wasn't out—the PS3 outsold Nintendo for the week ending week ending November 11 by over 20,000 units. Here's the whole roundup of hardware sales for the week.

DS - 78,884 PSP - 58,964 PS3 - 55,924 Wii - 34,546 PS2 - 9,043 Xbox 360- 5,817 GB Micro - 708 GBASP - 211 GC - 69 GBA - 4

You'll notice that Nintendo's DS is still the king and the PSP isn't doing so badly, either. [cvg]

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