Porn-Induced Malware Attacks Leopard

NONDPLUM059.jpgApparently at least some of the Leopard security vulnerabilities have already been exploited, but only through the aid of stupid hornball Mac users. Was that childish of us to call porn-craved Mac users "hornballs" and imply that some of them are stupid? Maybe. And the image of of Justin Long doing the dirty certainly won't fit nicely in our next Mac fantasy, but we're just doing our job here.

Security company Intego discovered that the OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan horse malware is infecting users on certain porn sites who agree to upgrade their video codec. Oh, and it's not a simple button press, either. Users need to agree, download the file, mount the .dmg and install it on their dic- disk. When the malware is setup properly, a computer's DNS settings will change, redirecting browsers to phishing sites and ads for porn.

Cry me a river. This isn't some dangerous Trogan horse, it's pornographic Darwinism. [cnet]

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