Photoshop Contest: Bring the First Thanksgiving Into the 21st Century

master-pilgrims.jpgIt's that time again… yes, time for another Gizmodo Photoshop Contest! This time, it's a little different. Rather than providing you with a source image to debase, we want to see you be a bit more creative. So here's your task: deliver us an image of the first Thanksgiving — you know, the one with pilgrims and Indians and all that crap — but add some 21st century tech to it. Did the Indians come bearing Roombas rather than corn? Sounds unlikely! Did Master Chief carve the turkey? Probably not! But that's the magic of Photoshop, no? Go nuts with this, really. The most creative and entertaining entries will get in the Gallery of Champions. Read on, brave contestants, for details on how to enter.

We're looking for quality and humor here, so if you can make an impressive chop that makes us laugh, you're guaranteed a spot. So get crackin', and email your masterpiece(s) to [email protected]. Have the subject say "Thanksgiving Photoshops" and make your filename read like so: FirstName_LastName.jpg. Don't screw this up or we won't look at your entry! Get your entries in by the end of the day on Monday and we'll post the results next week near the big day. Good luck, my friends, and happy chopping.

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