Philips/Lite-On Blu-ray Drive to Ship for a Dirt-Cheap $186

LiteON_DH-4O1S.jpgIf you want to just play back Blu-ray discs on your PC, this Lite-On branded BD-ROM drive from Philips will do the trick at 4x for $186. Let's get this straight: You can't burn Blu-ray discs with this drive. However, for playback, you'd better have enough hardware oomph to handle all that data flowing through your video system. To be first marketed in Taiwan at the end of this month, these cheap players are expected to be launched later in the rest of the world. If all you want to do is play back Blu-ray movies on your computer, there's no use paying the $300-$500 for a burner. This might come in handy for an occasional flick at the desk, or Blu-ray playback in a PC-equipped home theater. [DigiTimes]

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