PC World Australia kills print edition, saves some trees, moves online

pcworld.jpgPC World readers, you're in for a shock. The print edition of the local edition magazine is about to call it a day. Interestingly, they've said they're not about to kick out all their editorial staff for a very Scroogey Christmas, but will be keeping them on to drive their new focus on a big, sexy web edition.

We've lost a few small mags over recent years, but something on the scale of PC World is a pretty big tower to see fall. That said, there are an awful lot of computer mags in Australia, so could all the big ones really survive much longer?

I know some of the team. We see each other around at press events. So we send them all our best wishes as colleagues... followed by a big "Mwa, haha, bring it on! We will crush your puny online efforts!" And then we remember we're a blog, and we share the link love to anyone who deserves it. C'mon, PC World. Let's see you earn our online love!

The final print edition will run in January. [PC World Australia]

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