PAT Pocket Ashtray, a Smoker's Requisite From Start to Finish

patashtray_front.jpgWe've shown you all manner of ashtrays around here, including a couple of portable models, and even one that looks like you're gagging some poor hooker or worse with your spent suckweed. But now the PAT (get it? Pocket Ash Tray?) accompanies your smokeage from start to finish, because this airtight closeable pocket ashtray has a perfect little holster for one of those mini Bic lighters. Useful. So without criticizing smokers who are already downtrodden, second-class citizens in our total-safety-first idiocracy, might we gently remind our beloved nicotine-enslaved readers that cigarette butts are litter, too. [Lucky Minds (.pdf)]

PAT printing possibilitiesPAT sample with  print - oliv greenPAT oliv-green + blackPAT black

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