Oreo-Sized PocketFinder Converts You in Orwellian Overlord

pfgroup.jpgThe PocketFinder is a GPS with the size and shape of an Oreo cookie. Sadly it doesn't come with a sweet white filling, but it will log the position of outdoor explorers, kids, dogs, cats, ill people and Gizmodo writers at all times using a mobile phone connection. There are other similar devices in the market but what makes the PocketFinder really cool is its Web-based software.


Once you activate the PocketFinder it will start sending its location over the mobile phone network. As you can see in the gallery, authorised people can access this information using a Web-based application.

The Web software gives you a snapshot on where all your registered PocketFinders are using Microsoft Visual Earth, but it also allows you to know travelling speed, heading, current and total trip distance of any of your registered devices. It also lets you create zones for specific users and will notify you if the user enters or exists any of those zones according to your preferences.

According to the company, PocketFinder is completely sealed and it can also be bought in other form factors, like belt buckles or keychains. The Oreo-based model, however, has a $US129.95 price tag. [PocketFinder]

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