Oregon Scientific Action Cam, for thrifty stunt fiends

actioncam-01.jpgThe worst part of going apeshit extreme sports style is that all your awesome moves are left out there in the wilds. This camera is all about taking those smooth moves home to prove you really did kick some butt (just be sure to delete the bits where you bit it hard before you share).

The camera can be mounted to a helmet, or handlebars, or even your arm. I'm not sure that sort of footage will translate to anything more than vibrating, nausea inducing stuff. So getting a bud along too to focus the attention of the camera on you is a good idea. In this sense, the camera's waterproof and shockproof construction is the key. That, and it's just $199 so unlike other cameras you can take a few more risks with its safety. More details plus helmet and handlebar mount shots after the jump.
Shoot AVIs at 640x480, 320x240, or 160x120, at either 15 or 30fps. It comes with 32MB onboard memory, which won't get you far at all, plus SD support. Runs off 2 AAs. We've had a play and the camera is very easy to use - just three buttons and they're easy enough to hit for quick start / stop which is what you want when it's atop your helmet. It's a pretty stylish looking unit, too.

Word on 'the street' (okay, from the Oregon Scientific PRs) is that you can find this in Camera House stores, and other 'good' retailers if you're on Santa's NICE list.


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