Optimus Keyboard Goes Sub-$500 and Sub-$1000, But Gimped at Launch

The Optimus keyboard team brings good news and bad news today, with word that they're going to have sub-$500 and sub-$1000 models (not just one $1564 keyboard), but the software will not be ready for launch. That's not to say that you'll buy a $500 keyboard that you can't use; it's just "functionally limited," and will get firmware updates every month or so until it gets up to the point where you're getting all the features you were promised. Apparently the keyboard is so popular that the first pre-order lot is completely sold out. However, the first pre-order lot was only 200 units, so it's not that great of an achievement. If that's you, you'll get your keyboard in the latter half of February '08. [Optimus Blog]

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