Optimus Keyboard Configurations, Pricing Info Released

Yes, it's true: you can get an Optimus Keyboard for less than $US500. There is a catch, however: if you're cheap and spend less than $500, your keyboard will only have one "active button," and it's the space bar. Yeah, weak, I know. But hey, it's "only" $US462.27! If you bump it up to $US599.01 you get the 10 function buttons on the side active, $US999.25 gets you just the letter keys active, and a whopping $US1,564.37 gets you all 113 buttons active. So while yeah, there's a cheaper option, it's clearly not worth it. Not that the full version is worth it, but if you're going to waste a lot of money on a keyboard you might as well go all out. You can preorder the Optimus in any of these configs in black or white and you'll get your keyboard in late February. [Product Page]

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