One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator Rips Without a PC

P07181107%20TEACRip.jpgTEAC's One-Step DVD/CD Duplicator will rip your CDs, or DVDs, without the need for a connection to a PC. That is enough information for us to decide we like it; it is simple and it can copyright infringe in around 6 minutes flat, thanks to the 48x CD drive read speed / 16x DVD read speed. Nice—but don't use it to copyright infringe, or you shall be hunted down like a dog and be made to pay like a millionaire pooch. We like it for its law abiding backup qualities, of course. The 8MB internal buffer might mean you have a few error reads, but at $349.95, if you intend on copying media on the regular, give your PC's fans a rest and grab one of these to do the dirty work instead. [Product Page via Gadget DNA]

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