Office Cubicle Reimagined as Office Pod

If every corporate American office had workspaces like the Eclipse partition system, I might not be so terrified of becoming a suit. Designer Marcus Curran came up with this workspace concept as part of an industrial design thesis he was working on while in school at the University of Melbourne. The central idea behind this contraption is versitility. It's retractable hood allows for various levels of privacy and access to accommodate to the changing work flow of one's daily job... not to mention room for a few shiny gadgets.


The workspace includes integrated speakers, a wireless recharging mat for your electronics, and a wireless camera/projector built into the hood for teleconferencing. Another cool thing is that the hood can be lowered and optional contoured furniture can be arranged to fit against the Eclipse system. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go shave and prepare my resume in anticipation of these things. [Yanko Design]

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