Nyko Perfect Shot Brings Namco Style Light Gun to the Wii

31d-tbiJKWL._SS500_.jpgJust looking at Nyko's Perfect Shot controller shell brings back childhood memories spent playing Namco Arcade Shooters. Now a bit of that nostalgia is coming to the Wii. I like Nintendo's zapper attachment is nice, but the plain white design was a bit generic for my tastes. This, however, is a whole other story. The shape of the gun, the colours used, all have a throwback feel – and I like it. A tactile trigger controls the B button, and apass through port allows the nunchuck or other future add-on to be used. With light gun games starting to arrive on Wii, I may have to pick this up, just to relive some of my nerd glory days. The Perfect Shot should be available on December 24 for $US12.99. [Amazon]

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