New Frontier Hotel Imploded Before Your Eyes, Now a Nondescript Pile of Rubble

If you want to see a building imploded with 1000 pounds of high explosives, Las Vegas was the place to be early yesterday morning. That's when demolition experts finally got rid of the 16-story New Frontier Hotel in grand style, as only Las Vegas would be sleazy enough to do. Anyway, we never get tired of seeing them bring down the big buildings, but found all the fireworks just distracting. Just blow the thing up already.

By the way, this was the hotel where Elvis made his big Vegas debut back in '56. In the place of this pile of ashes, by 2011 a phoenix will rise in the form of the Plaza, an $8 billion luxo-palace complex on the Vegas strip that will specialize in fleecing those who don't understand the difference between possibility and probability. [Metacafe and LA Times]

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