Nerf Sniper Rifle is Three Feet of Fun

6198323d720a_main400.jpgThe Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6, to give it its full name, is the kind of blaster gun that your kid would kill for. It's also the kind of thing that would be a gift in name only, because, any child will have problems prying it out of a parent's hands once unwrapped. And it works just as well at close range as it does on long targets:61983313118a_a400.jpgJust remove the stand and the barrel extension. It comes with a couple of quick-reload clips and 12 streamline darts and costs $29.99. I think it's the perfect starter kit for kids who have been eyeing up the lube-free auto shotgun. [Hasbro via UberGizmo]


    do you know anywhere in aus that I could get the long shot cs-6?
    preferably round sydney.

      ive seen some longshots in kmart and a toyshop called playtime

    do you know anywhere in Australia that i can get the longshot but i would preferably in Perth.

    i live in cannbera is thre any place i can get a nerf longshot

    MUST HAVE! Where can I get one of these in Perth?

    wre can i get one in perth toys are us toyworld?

    i must have one of these please someone help us out . there has to be some where that sells these in austalia / sydney

      Ya could get 1 from eBay but there like $150-$250 so yeah, but amazon gas got a heap BUT its an American site, soz.

    you go to ebay or you go to ok i have found some but
    i dont have the money right now.

    iv'e only seen the night finder maveric and recon but i want a longshot as my recon broke and the longshot is sturdier

    Can You tell me where i can buy a Nerf Rapidfire 20 cause there so sick!plz.


      I got my rapid 20 at target

    Hey any1 know where u can buy a Nerf Raider?
    Its Got 35 bullets and the drum mag fits in the Recon and Longshot.

      hey guys

      go to you can buy raider's, recons and vulcans real cheap

      it takes bout 5 days to post it to your housee

      hope it helped

      Go to K mart

    according to the the Australian Hasbro site(the makers of Nerf the long shot is currently not available in Australia tho NewZealand does stock them that or you could order from the USA or ebay

    hey everybody i herd that the longshot will be in aus around x-mas(i rang the nerf company up) lol :)

      i really hope so cuz ima gonna kill someone if they dont get here soon im that cheezed off!!! frickin american rednecks

      awsome can,t wait to get a longshot

      i was really lucky i found a longshot at big w
      last one on the shelf
      in sydney, australia

    i cant find any long-shots i have been looking forever and i cant find any can someone please tell me where i can get one from the central coast!!!!!

    ha ha
    u can buy the darts 4 longshot and recon at K-mart i will bet they will be there eventually

    around campbelltown

    Nerf's starting to get big here soon we'll be like the US Row's of nerf

    i need help where can i find a NERF LONGSHOT CS-6 in brisbane i cant find any :(

      you should try myer they might have it but if they dont have it then just wait till next year
      i live in brisbane to so im looking everywhere for it oh and if anyone knows where they are plz reply

      Hey nerf longshots are coming in x mas

    i REALLLLY NEEED A NERF LONGSHOT SOOOOOO BAD can som1 tell me if any stores such as kmart toyworld toyrss r us are gettin them in? im thinking they are becuase nerf ads are comin on tv

      true i have seen the adds for it to it will probably be in store next year

        ok so I've been scouting around sydney, I found 2 recons in target Waringah mall!, heaps of Vulcans at Waringah Mall and Castle towers, Hornsby Myers has a heap of Raiders which are the new guns from nerf. I picked one up, it's awesome and is apparently the top gun cause it never jams and has massive ammo, but needs the micro sonic darts for distance (can't find these anywhere!) Castle towers Toy's R Us has the flip clip pack with thirty slim line darts. But unfortunately I haven't seen a long shot anywhere yet as this'll be my next purchase. Mavericks are pretty easy to find... heaps at Target Waringah Mall, and heaps at Uncle Pete's toys Castle Towers. Rapid Fire 20 would be nice to find as well, but haven't seen any!

    hey guys, i live in rockhampton, QLD in australia and is going to brisbane for a holiday soon. Do u know where i could go in rockhampton or brisbane that sells the longshot. on the 24th(day before xmas) i went to the shops and saw heaps of vulcans and a few recons. lots of nite finders and mavericks but still no longshot :(

    also, ebay cost way too much :(

    Seen some Longshots at Toys'R'Us in Parramatta =) But they're selling out quick! They also stock Vulcans every now and then, as well as flip-clips, new Bandolier kits, and Vulcan ammo clips.

    Haven't seen any nerf guns at Target lately, but Kmart has some, seen a Raider at Broadway and mainly Mavericks & Nite Finders at other Kmarts.

    if you are in austrailea and want a longshot go to K mart.K mart has got more.

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