NBC Snaps Up Pop Up TiVo Ads, Second-by-Second Viewership Ratings

tivonbc.jpgNBC and TiVo have inked a nice little deal for ads and ratings. On the ad side, advertisers who buy spots on any of NBC Universal's networks—NBC, Sci-Fi, Bravo, etc.—can insert TiVo "tags" that'll pop up an icon for viewers to click on to get more product info. And make sure you see what's being hawked, even if you skip commercials. The ratings end is a bit more boring: NBC's tapping into TiVo's second-by-second ratings service to see what viewers are watching, pausing and skipping, making them the first major broadcaster to do so. It might be more interesting if we knew of something new they're going to do with the data, but odds are they just want it for selling ads. [Reuters]

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