MP3 Player, Steampunk Style

steampunk_mp3player.jpgHere's how they listened to MP3s back in the late 19th century, using this steampunk Ambient Enhancer. Handmade by a guy who calls itself Porkshanks, it features a gutted pair of vintage Cannonball Empire headphones whose innards were replaced with modern-day Sony earphones. He wrapped some handmade leather and brass around an ordinary MP3 player, and suddenly he was wearing a strange-looking device that looked like some sort of steam valve on his wrist. Let's ogle a bigger picture of the player, and a couple of views of it on his wrist.The_Ambiance_Enhancer_by_porkshanks%201.jpg

Apparently Porkshanks takes his steampunk love to the limit, and this musical device is but a small part of his daily retro-future getup. Now if he would just get a tripod to hold his camera still, we could get a good non-blurry look at his gorgeous work. [Deviant Art, via Wired]

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