Movember - be a Giz AU mo bro!


I've decided to throw myself behind the great Movember movement, which means from the clean shaven face you see above I'll be working on some kind of mo. Got any ideas?

You can join the Gizmodo Australia Movember team, too. If you're the kind of person who doesn't give a crap about men's health issues like prostate cancer (18,700 diagnosed and 2,900 die each year) or depression (1 in 6 men are depressed, most don't seek help), just skip to the next post.

If you do give a damn, there are a few things you can do this month to help. One is throw a few sponsorship dollars at me and the team. The other is to join the team, grow your own mo, and help find even more sponsors. Money raised goes into funding research and increasing support networks for men who suffer from both these issues. Mo Sistas are welcome too, for the girls who would like to get involved - I don't think you have to refrain from any shaving, just us guys. Every person that raises $100 or more gets a free ticket to the gala event in the capital of your choice.

The details? Hit the Movember site and join the group. My rego is 126828 and email is [email protected] (you know the domain). Let's make the Giz AU Mo Team one of the best teams in the game! I'll update my face over the coming weeks to show progress on the mo...

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