Motorola RIZR Z6c Has Dual-Band GSM and CDMA

motorizr.jpgIf we're reading this correctly, the Motorola RIZR Z6c has both GSM and CDMA, meaning you can take this phone from CDMA networks in the States (Sprint/Verizon) onto GSM networks all over the world (or onto AT&T/T-Mobile). The phone's just hit the FCC so we're not sure what Motorola's plans for this are in terms of carrier distribution other than Verizon, but we do know it has EV-DO rev. 0, so that may be a hint as to which providers this is heading to (maybe Sprint?). World phones are becoming more and more popular—see BlackBerry 8830—so it means Moto wants to get in on this James Bond globe-trekking market as well. [Phonearena]

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