Moto Q9h on Telstra NextG


If you think the Moto Q9h is hot - and if you don't, you probably just haven't looked at it hard enough - and you're into the wireless speediness of NextG, then you'll be pleased to know they've been K-I-S-S-I-N-G all weekend.

WM6, HSDPA at 3.6Mbps (yeah, wasting precious available bandwidth there), 2GB microSD, A2DP, the great integrated RSS reader, one of the best full QWERTY keypads out there, etc, etc.

The statement "with 2GB of optional removable microSD storage" has me confused. Does that mean it comes "with" a 2GB card, or that it's just saying it possesses the capacity for such a card, but this card is an optional extra?

A great handset, but it seems Telstra has pulled a 'premium' price point on it at $999, whereas Vodafone list the Q9h at $799. Contract deals will vary, but that's a substantial difference in starting point for the deals to work from. If NextG comes with 2GB microSD and Voda doesn't, maybe that accounts for some of the differential?

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