More Juicy Gossip on the PlayStation Phone

PS3ringring.jpgI admit it: even though I barely play my PSP, I'm absolutely in love with the platform and its future of connectivity to the PS3. So when Sony starts talking about a PlayStation phoneagain—which they just did, by the way—we listen. Because we know there's no way in hell they're fitting UMD in that thing. Here's what Sony had to say of late, per SCE co-chief operating officer Jim Ryan:

What has been done is finding a match between a camera and a mobile phone, and that has been done wherein the mobile phone features are not reasonably inhibited and the camera is also a reasonably competitive product. It is hugely intellectually seductive to have a console-oriented phone.

And we have to agree. That's really one of the more simple, brilliant things we've heard come from Sony's mouth in a while.

Sony Ericsson meets Sony PlayStation. What do you think? It obviously isn't happening for this Christmas, as we thought some time ago. But there's always that February rumour too. [economictimes via kotaku]

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