Monster iSonicast Turns Your iPod Into a Wireless Remote

Monster_iSonicast.jpgSometime late this year, Monster (yes, that Monster) will roll out the iSonicast, a two-piece system that turns your iPod into a wireless remote control that streams music to the base station, located at your stereo. It's a simple system, and at $100, a pretty low price, especially for Monster. It uses 2.4GHz RF to transmit, and though it's currently spec'd to get a range of 30 feet, Monster's Noel Lee tells us they might try to jack up the range, though the downside may be less battery life. I know what you're thinking: I've seen this before. Logitech had something like this about two years ago, using Bluetooth. Not sure what became of it, but the sound quality back then wasn't great. Here's hoping Monster can live up to its reputation and get some decent sound. [Monster]

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