MC Square X1 Stimulates Brain Waves, Makes You Smarter?

The MC Square X1—a get-smart-quick device—is already huge in Korea. Its makers say it helps you relax and concentrate by targeting your brain's sensory preceptors with light and sound. It looks like a little MP3 player with an accompanying set of video glasses, but instead of displaying video, the glasses transmit pulsing red dots that are synchronized to music or nature sounds. The X1 also includes a voice recorder—so you can listen to your own soothing voice?— plus a miniSD slot for your photos and music.


The device can take you through six different regimens for better sleep, improved concentration, memory improvement and relaxation, each running at about 15 minutes. The inventors say that doctors at University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University—both in Philadelphia—have put the MC Square through real clinical tests. Some studies have shown a 14% increase in memorization after about a week. That is, as long as the thing doesn't give you a seizure: since it is a device that emanates light pulses, MC Square says those who have suffered from seizures in the past should stay away. Ditto for kids under 13. Everyone else should pay $400 for it, in their opinion. [MC Square]

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