MBL Speakers Look Steampunkish, Cost More Than a Black Market Left Kidney

P01241107GI.jpgMBL's new X-treme Speakers may look mighty impressive, but that has nothing to do with their ability to deliver "acoustically brilliant" sound, their ridiculously huge 6ft tall deep bass towers containing four 12" subwoofers, or the immense one month assembly/delivery time. No, the reason for their brilliance lies in the implementation of two vibrating element omni-directional drivers, which are seated on a platform constructed from wood, steel, acrylic and aluminum. The Steampunk feel the speakers exude is fantastic, but here is the shocker; they cost $US180,000. At $180,000 we'd hope they: 1). Could pre-prepare seafood dishes. 2). Snuggle up with us when our keyboards have upset us. 3). Show us a whole new world on a magic carpet ride. As the speaker set falls short of all of our pre-requisite for items costing above $100,000, we think they are terrible. That said, if we had $180,000 spare, we probably would have the 101X system up in our MTV worthy cribs. [Bornrich]

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