Macrovision Buys Broken Blu-ray DRM Tech for $45 Million

bluray.jpgWhile both Blu-ray and HD-DVD use the long-cracked AACS copy protection scheme, Blu-ray has its unique flavor of DRM underneath that, BD+, which is based on the Self-Protecting Digital Content spec. Macrovision is plunking down $45 million for SPDC and its related patents. This is despite the fact BD+ was cracked by AnyDVD's daddy, Slysoft, a couple weeks ago. So why drop that much dough on cracked tech?

Licensing. Even if the formerly uncrackable scheme has been busted wide open, Macrovision is looking at piles of revenue from licenses paid by studios to use BD+. It'll then go about playing the never-ending copy-protection cat-and-mouse game with crackers and hackers. It's comforting to know some things never change. [Ars]

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