Mac OS X Sales Edge Past Windows in Japan

japanleoparddebut.jpgDespite Apple lamenting in their earnings report that "Japan continues to be our most challenging major market," they were big there, at least for a month. OS X toppled Windows in October, claiming 53.9 percent of total OS-only sales. While Leopard's launch earns the lion's share of the credit for pushing OS X to the top, Windows' year-over-year sales growth between Sept. and Oct. bombed from 75.3 to 28.7 percent. Leopard's not killing off Windows in Japan by any means, so what's up with the skydive?

One likely cause of Windows free-falling is the coinciding plunging of PC sales in Japan. People are sticking with the same old computers for longer since they—combo'd with other consumer electronics sporting limited PC functions—still do pretty much everything a lot of users in Japan want them to. So not only is there no need for shiny, glossy Vista on a functional level, it doesn't get along well with 4-year-old PCs. Mac users are also different beasts, especially in Japan—my Mac-loving professor was undoubtedly one of the 2 million who bought Leopard in its first weekend on sale there—who are more likely to jump on Apple's latest product like rabid fanboys than the average Windows user. Consequently, Leopard's probably already peaked and Windows will reclaim its well-worn spot at the top this month. It was a fun bizarro moment while it lasted though. [BCN (Machine Translated) via Electronista]

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