Mac Classic Devolves to Icon

Picture%2057.pngThere's little doubt that the Mac Classic is an iconic piece of computing history, but this SattaMac mod is truly, inarguably an icon. Even the most hardened PC users need to grit their teeth and admit, yes, the Mac Classic is an icon. Damn that modder! Damn him!!

From what we can tell, the SattaMac is made from nothing but a Mac Classic and some well-placed black and off-white paint. Granted, it's not exactly ready for operation. But were you really doing anything with that old machine before? Seriously, we're coming by and cleaning out your basement. And kicking you out per your mom's request*. *We just realised that there probably is some poor, poor reader who really does fulfil the stereotype and live in his mom's basement. On behalf of Gizmodo, we'd like to apologize** making fun of you at every turn for the last several years.

**By "apologize" we mean we both know that the $170 in your "savings account" doesn't justify*** this money-saving venture.

***Seriously though, you're cool. We'll lay off on the jokes**** for a while.

****Jokes about the basement, not your mom. [flickr via gearfuse]

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