Living in a Bilboard Home Would Be Awesome

aeroform.jpgEver drove by one of those billboards on the highway advertising fireworks or a strip joint and said to yourself "I could live up there?" Well someone named Brendan O' Grady has. In fact, his idea for a billboard-like living module earned him a victory in the Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation competition, which is apparently some big-whig architectural rendering contest. The Aeroform as he calls it, features a streamlined design for "optimal aerodynamic and climactic performance." Even the name is derived from the term "aerofoil" which refers to a structure that provides stability or a steering function in a flying object. The whole thing even looks like some sort of aircraft intake if you ask me.

No doubt that something like this would be really fantastic to live in — that is until you stumbled out of your house drunk at 4am and tumbled head first into the abyss. Probably a major reason why this concept may never see the light of day. [KRob via Treehugger]

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